Metal Hammer Awards 2018 in the Daily Mail UK
Metal Hammer LL
6 / 6 GAFFA [SE]
”It’s almost painful how beautiful it can be sometimes. 
It sounds like a doped Nicole Sabouné or more lightweight Anna von Hausswolff.” – Simon Lundberg, Gaffa
”Her music is soulful, atmospheric and occasionally claustrophobic with more reverb than a Fields Of The Nephilim gig.” – Natasha Scharf, Metal Hammer
8/10 Close-Up Magazine [SE]
”Louise Lemón is an artist with the same crossover-potential as Anna von Hausswolff, Chelsea Wolfe and Lisa Culbert. It’s only a matter of time before Pitchfork and Stereogum will be hugging her to pirces, all while her music is harsh and dark enough to fit in Close-Up” – Jonn Palmér Jeppsson, Close-Up
9/10 Pretty in Noise [DE]
The voice goes above and beyond, creating the biggest moment of the album. To the end powerful drums stomp through my brain and I am completely ecstatic
8/10 HYMN [SE]
”Louise Lemón has made one of the best albums from Sweden this year” – Anders Nilsson, Hymn
The track ‘Thirst’ added to the Spotify Playlist ‘Licence to chill’ with aprox 181 000 followers 2018-04-10
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And suddenly the Swede sounds as if Chelsea Wolfe is blinking in the sun.” –Thomas Pilgrim, Sonic Seducer [DE] (Album of the month + ‘Thirst featured on the CD)
The track ‘Thirst’ featured in the American Lifetime TV series UnREAL April 16th 2018
Prog Magazine [UK]
It often seems like a finger on the scales is enough to tip things into tumult
Musikguiden i P3 [SE]
The dystopian sound is undeniably lined with darkness and demise.
Soundet på debut-lp:n Purge skrider ofta fram med en storslagen släpighet som i sina bästa stunder för tankarna till såväl Zola Jesus som Nick Cave.” - Johanna Paulsson, DN
Could it be that Louise Lemón is set to become lauded as the next great storytelling songwriter of her generation? It’s entirely possible. Her gothic, dreamlike gloom partners with her dark lullabies to create a perfect storm. - Roadburn Festival
It is when Louise Lemón dress up life itself and the world in hundreds of nuances of black, that’s where the magic happens.” – Drefvet [SE]

”Louise Lemón created an unbelievably expressive record that is gloomy, ethereal and lyrical at the same time – truly to die for.” – Musicality Unlimited [DE]

Listening to Purge is a haunting and extremely satisfy experience, as not only are the songs well-written and arranged, but the delivery of the music and the entrancing vocals of Louise Lemón herself are just wonderful. – Wonderbox Metal [UK]

”It’s dark, it’s claustrophobic, and quite brilliant” – Ja Ja Ja [DE]

”Beautiful, seductive” – IMPOSE MAGAZINE [US]

”The art of killing the past in Louise Lemón’s new video for ‘Appalacherna’ (world premiere)” – KONBINI [MEX]